Staying Safe When Working Outdoors


Many workplaces involve safety risks, but working outdoors generates additional threats. Workplace accidents frequently occur on construction sites and in other exterior areas that don’t tend to occur at indoor locations. Equipment, clothing, and weather conditions are all factors to consider when trying to minimise injuries while working outdoors.

Electricity Always Poses a Threat

Shock hazards must always be avoided, especially when working outdoors. Wet, or even damp, conditions exacerbate the threats posed by electricity in outdoor settings. While most people realise the dangers of hitting a buried electrical cable, there are other, more common, issues facing anyone working outdoors. Power tools and extension cords are always a threat when working around water. While devices are available to quickly cut off the electricity, not everyone has easy access to those devices. Those who frequently use power tools outdoors are encouraged to explore the use of RCD (residual current devices) or other strategies to minimize electrical threats. Overhead power lines must also be carefully avoided when using heavy equipment.

Preventing Falls

Falls are a major cause of workplace injuries, with many of those injuries resulting in life-changing consequences for victims. The use of ladders is a leading cause of falls, but falls from machinery or even tripping incidents also cause serious injuries. To reduce the risks associated with falls, safety experts routinely suggest safety become a primary concern whenever working outdoors. Properly setting equipment, maintaining clean sites, and even wearing the proper clothing can all dramatically reduce the number of home, farm, or workplace accidents.

Using Care Around Machinery

Although most modern machinery is constructed with safety in mind, it’s still far too easy to become entangled in the moving parts of manufacturing equipment, farm machinery, and power tools. Taking proper precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood of an injury-causing accident. Even the choice of mens work overalls, for example, impacts the odds of experiencing some type of accident. Loose shirts, pants, or work jackets can easily become entangled in equipment. Choosing proper apparel for outdoor working conditions goes a long way toward minimising the potential for accidents.

At Westland Workgear, we specialize in providing quality clothing, including mens work overalls and mens work shorts, to keep you safe. Reducing accident rates in all industries takes time and effort, but you will be a little safer when the proper apparel is selected to reduce hazards. Contact us today if you have any questions


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