How to Make the Most of the Outdoors in New Zealand


New Zealand is famous for its great outdoors. Its land is marked with rolling hills, huge waves that are every surfer’s dream, beautiful snowy slopes perfect for skiing and so much more. To say it’s breathtaking is to understate it. Whether you are a local or visiting from another country, how do you make the most use of this heavenly outdoors? Here are the top activities to help you appreciate Mother Nature from the skies, the surface or under the ground.

1. Surfing

Being an island nation, New Zealand is a great destination for water lovers. Wherever you are, chances are that there is a coast near you and rolling waves to satisfy your thrill. For surfing enthusiasts there are plenty of great spots to ride the waves. Some of the most popular include The Wall, Uriti, Airport Reef and Makorori Point.

Surfing spots vary in features and difficulty. So do your research and find the place that is perfect for your needs and skill level. If you are a surfing amateur, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of schools offering beginner and intermediate lessons. Most of these schools are located near famous surf spots.

Other water activities you can enjoy include swimming, diving, canoeing, paddling and sailing.

2. Hiking

What better way to take in the rolling hills and blinding lushness than to walk amidst it. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities for both local and foreign tourists. You can go for short hours-long hiking trips or dare yourself into a multi-day hiking trail to encountering the best nature has to offer.

There are hikes designed for thrill seekers, hikes for couples and even kid-friendly hikes for the whole family. Plenty of tour companies offer guided hikes at affordable prices.

3. Fishing

New Zealand brims over with water bodies, which means plenty of great fishing spots. From lakes to springs to rivers and creeks, there are many places you can catch yourself a flipper. The most important things are following local regulations and taking necessary safety precautions, including wearing the right gear.

4. Skydiving

Take in the view from up high. Places like Queenstown, Franz Josef and Wanaka are popular for thrill seeking skydivers. Find a good company that will help you with preparation and safety. Some companies even offer to take a video of your adventure. It can be a bit scary but for the adventurers, it is a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Caving

The beauty is not just on the surface, it extends down underground in a series of breathtaking caves. And it is not just about walking; you can take a boat ride through caves glowing with larvae or climb through tricky rocks to access even more wondrous sights.

Having the right gear

Whether you are outdoors for work or leisure, it is essential that you have the right gear on. This includes hot weather gear, fishing gear and wet weather gear in New Zealand. For outdoor exploration, a nice pair of work shorts like cargo shorts would come in handy.

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